Maca for Women


As a man, I cannot discuss this topic from a personal point of view, but I have been in the very centre of events connected to Peruvian Maca, ranging from growing it and experiences of people in its place of origin to its sweeping the world markets and experiences of people worldwide. In this text I will try to share with you my personal summary and conclusions based on the experiences of women from different parts of the world who have been taking Maca for a month or more, some of them for decades even.

Female body is a very complex mechanism as such, and the multitude of hormones that rule it has been the focus of my interest for yaears. Maca is very popular with women all around the world, not because its effects on men are poorer than on women, but because it manages to prevent or alleviate most of the potential problems in a system that is as sensitive as female body. 

In the Andean people of Quechua, Maca has been an integral part of diet for thousands of years. Their women do not suffer from problems such as unstable menstrual cycles (premature, too late, too short or too long periods), all kinds of complications before, during and after a woman's period. Their periods are not followed by headaches, lethargy, mood swings, depression, abdominal pain, bloating, extremely heavy or long periods; their period always comes exactly when it is supposed to without being early or late, as if following lunar phases, and without any problems! 

Menopause and its consequences (hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings and depression) are also unfamiliar to the Andean people. Menopause occurs very late and without negative consequences in women in the Andes, thanks to the daily consumption of Maca, and they are sexually active till late in life.

Infertility is yet another unfamiliar phenomenon for the women of the Quechua people, and they take special care to increase the daily intake of Maca during pregnancy for proper fetal development, improved lactation and faster recovery of mothers after childbirth.

It's a fact that in the Andes there is almost no diabetes, heart diseases, problems with the thyroid and other glands, mental disorders, depression, obesity, cancer and all the problems that come with the genetics of modern man... There, unfortunately, people die from banal health problems due to a lack of basic healthcare in the mountainous and the Amazon regions of Peru.

In the European and other advanced civilizations, the phenomena known as PMS, Menopause and Infertility are defined as disorders, but as far as I understand women, for them this is a genuine torment that is explained by 'shut up and suffer, that's how God wanted and there is no help'.
This is not realistic, since there is a solution to these problems. It is very effective and is called Peruvian Maca, and Nuestra Maca is a product for which I can say with absolute certainty that it is the most complete and the best representative of its kind on the European market! Problems such as PMS, Menopause and Infertility are fully mitigated (in serious cases), or reduced to a satisfactory level (in milder cases) after taking our product for only one month, and after taking it for several months these conditions become negligibly problematic or satisfactory.

Metabolic processes and their disorders are brought to a considerably better condition after only one month of taking the Nuestra Maca product. These processes are subject to pituitary gland malfunctions, and thus the notorious thyroid gland disorders. By regulating their function, women can solve the most common problems, such as uncontrolled weight gain, periodic craving for calorie rich foods, which is usually solved by restrictive diets or pricey treatments. These bring short-term results because the cause of the problem is not tackled. Poor quality of hair, skin and nails, acne and various skin problems are solved temporarily, without stopping for a second to think about the reason for all this.
Medicine itself is at a loss for a permanent solution for these numerous problems, so endocrinologists, gynaecologists and other doctors all around the world, out of their personal conviction or ethical beliefs, strongly recommend Peruvian Maca to their patients.  

Peruvian Maca addresses the very root of all of these disorders and this is the crucial difference. This is the reason why, in Japan, the USA, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries it has earned a label of “the women's best friend”.

Nowadays, good quality sleep is the key to a healthy living, and according to a research in the Scandinavian countries, Peruvian Maca is the one that significantly affects all metabolic and other processes by putting them in balance, and thus effectively reduces various stress conditions and enables high-quality regeneration of the body during sleep.

Red Nuestra Maca can efficiently prevent the significant drops in the production of essential female hormones (oestrogen, growth hormone, etc.) which come with childbirth or ageing, and thus enable a more effective preservation of the body shape, muscle mass (primarily gluteal and abdominal muscles) as well as the structure of women's breasts. 

To sum up, all serious diseases of the modern age are a consequence of gland malfunctions. I claim with absolute certainty that everything connected to hormonal imbalance can be improved with Nuestra Maca, while its longer consumption can bring your body into the optimal condition. We don't offer miracles, and our product will not be able to correct in only a month or two something that has been neglected for a lifetime. It is equally impossible not to feel better after only a month or two or taking our product, judging by the experiences of hundreds of women whose positive reactions I have had a chance to hear.

Read more about my observations in the text Peruvian Maca benefits for Man. The effects of Peruvian Maca are to a large extent the same with both genders so this text can be informative for women as well.